MAC’s BLDC outer rotor/high pole count design offers significant output power in a moderate diameter and exceptionally short length. The control electronics can be integrated into the motor housing, enabling a remarkable compact package. Or choose external control for higher motor operating temperature capability. This allows even higher output power realization.

36 SERIES   

36 SERIES – 12 to 48 volt designs are typically supplied with our electronic control built internal to the motor housing. They can also be operated with other manufactures’ controllers, including those operating off higher DC voltages or rectified AC.

Most typical operating speeds are 1000 to 4000 RPM, but both faster and slower speeds are still possible. Power output is up to ½ HP (375 Watts) with our integrated control, and even higher with separate control.  Well over 1 HP (746 Watts) output is possible for short duration.


58 SERIES – 12 to 48 volt typical operating voltages, other voltages are available. Primarily used with external control, in both housed and minimal frame/part set style.

Typical operating speeds of 300 to 3000 RPM with power outputs up to 3 HP (2 kilowatts). In addition to operating as a motor the 58 Series can be effectively utilized as a 3 phase AC generator.


Other exciting design possibilities include submersible, generator, integration into fans, blowers, pumps or other custom applications. Let us build your next level assembly, add special lead termination, connectors, or attach brakes, gearing or other peripherals.


DC Voltage12  24  36  4812-24-36-48
Output Power   
Continuous375 Watts1500 Watts
Intermittent 750 Watts3000 Watts
Enclosureup to IP 67up to IP 54
FrameNema 42 IEC 63 & 71 3 Hole FlangeNema 56 IEC 80 & 90 Frameless


NEMA 42CViewNEMA 56CView
NEMA 48CIEC 63 B14ViewNEMA 143TCView
IEC 63 B5 (Flange Mount)ViewNEMA 145TCView
IEC 71 B14ViewNEMA 182TCHView
  NEMA 184 TCHView
  IEC 80 B14View
  IEC 90 B14View